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As the Soil Reliever is pulled across the turf, the deep-spading action fractures the soil into small particles, instantly relieving the pressure-packed soil. The Soil Reliever's chain driven tines are driven as deep as 14 inches. The crankshaft design delivers maximum leverage by placing added weight directly over the tine heads. Its soil-fracturing action creates channels into the grass root structures allowing oxygen, the key ingredient essential in deep root development, water and nutrients to penetrate more quickly throughout the soil profile. You use less water, fertilizers, and chemicals. Healthy soil means increased resistance to traffic, weather, parasites and disease. You use less fungicides and pesticides.

Relieves soil compaction
Increases root depth
Coring tines up to 12" deep, 1/2" to 1" hole size
Solid tines up to 14" deep, 1/4" to 1" hole size

Working Width: 80"
Working Depth (Adjustable):
Coring Tines up to 12"     Solid Tines up to 14"
Hole Spacing:
Large Tines 3/4" & Greater is 5"     Small Tines 1/2" Shank is 3-1/3"
Capacity (Greens):
Up to 36,000 sq. ft. per hour
Capacity Open Areas (Fairways, Athletic Fields):
5" Tine Spacing = 9-12 acres per day
8" Tine Spacing = 15-18 acres per day

With the increased foot traffic on sports turf and golf courses, comes a higher level of maintenance. More water and more equipment, along with increased foot traffic results in deeper compacted soil. Simply put, plant roots require oxygen to thrive and grow.

By relieving compaction with the Soil Reliever, you will have a root system at the depth you aerify. With deep roots, you get more wear tolerances with less stress, therefore, a healthier turf grass. Any agronomist will tell you that the best weed control, fungus control and disease control is a healthy turfgrass.

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