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Weighing under 3,000 pounds, the Hines Drill Aerator applies minimal pressure per square foot. This along with the rotating drill action allows this system to aerate greens, tees, and fairways even during high stress periods. It is even recommended for use to relieve "hot spots".

One Day Service
Gently penetrates hardest soils up to 10" deep
Drill hole sizes from 5/8" to 3/4"
Resume play immediately
Increase percolation, air exchange and root depth
Rapid heal rate
Less stressful on fragile roots

Tooling: Up to 60 carbide tipped drill bits spaced on 5" centers - 25" x 60" pattern
Drill Depth:
Up to 10"
Drill Bit Sizes:
Standard 5/8" and 3/4".
Aerification Speed:
6000 sq. ft. per hour at 10" deep

Drill Bit Rotation:
300 at 3000 engine rpm

This extended drill depth allows penetration of hard pan created by other "cookie cutter" tine methods of aerification. Since the carbide tipped drill bits do not compact the sides and bottom of holes like other tine aerators, this problem will not reappear in a few months.

The Hines system has also eliminated the cumbersome and potentially damaging drill box used on other drill aerators. Instead, the Hines Drill Aerator uses a lighter system of stripper bars that stops any "up-lifting" of the surface during the up stroke. This system is so gentle it can even aerate fresh laid sod. It also eliminates gouging that can be caused by a heavy drill head box slipping on uneven green surfaces.

The Hines Drill Aerator relieves subsoil compaction, improves drainage and air exchange, and still provides for faster healing times than other types of aerators. Instead of removing grass plugs, the Hines Drill Aerator gently folds back the healthy grass surface during the aeration process. After a quick and easy clean-up operation, the putting surface is left immediately playable. Within days, the greens will have healed to the point of making the aerification completely undetectable. The healing process will conclude with increased root depth and a healthier turf surface.

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