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Unlike other aerators, the patented Hines Drill & FillŪ can be used to change the soil profile. The new, easier to load hoppers can be filled with a wide variety of blends of soil amendments. Instead of a time and labor intensive sweeping process, the Hines system drills and completely fills the holes in one smooth operation. It increases the life of any green and is the only known alternative to rebuilding greens with severe problems. The Drill & FillŪ system also requires less top dressing than conventional aerators.

Add new life to old greens
Change soil profile with variety of soil amendments
Gently increase root depth
Fills entire hole up to 8" deep
Uses a 1" drill bit and fills .25 cu. yds. of material p/1,000 sq. ft.
Relieves compaction for better air exchange and percolation
Leaves greens immediately available for play

Tooling: 24 carbide tipped drill bits spaced on 7.5" centers - 22.5" x 60" pattern
Drill Depth:
Up to 8"
Drill Bit Sizes:
Standard 1" dia. and 8" length. At 8" deep with 1" drill bits will install .25 cubic yards of material per 1000 square feet
Aerification Speed:
Up to 3500 sq. ft. per hour at 8" deep
Drill Bit Rotation:
300 at 3000 engine rpm
Hopper Capacity:
.25 cubic yards per fill

As with the Hines Drill Aerator, the Hines Drill & FillŪ relieves subsoil compaction, improves drainage and air exchange, and still provides for faster healing times than other types of aerators. Instead of removing grass plugs, the Hines Drill & FillŪ gently folds back the healthy grass surface during the aeration process. After a quick and easy clean-up operation, the putting surface is left immediately playable. Within days, the greens will have healed to the point of making the aerification completely undetectable. The healing process will conclude with increased root depth and a healthier turf surface.

The patented Hines Drill & FillŪ Aerator has been re-engineered to be more efficient and easier to operate. Previously marketed under the Floyd-McKay label, the
Hines system is simpler to operate, lighter, and faster than previous backfill equipment. This revolutionary machine has the gentlest of operating actions on your valuable turf. This innovative system is transforming the turf maintenance industry by eliminating problems associated with normal practices.

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